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The Spring 2002 Brooklyn Bridge Collection With Ashleigh Banfield

Your War Bunny - With The Sexy Glasses!

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bridges and tunnels
what this bridge means
securing the bridges
a hail of bullets
was it terrorist related
15 inch girth
bird's eye view
night view
276 feet
to the top
suspension bridges are longer
Ashleigh reaches the summit
Golden Gate Bridge link
The US taxpayers' colors
Ashleigh standing in front of beautiful wide angle panorama
Lebanese taxpayer
30 bullets
blood spilled
aftermath of a massacre
WTC's ghost


Ashleigh Banfield 9/11 Coverage: WTC7 - "That is the building that is going to go down next"

rush transcript:

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD: "...that building,... the tall one, is number 7 World Trade Center. For several reports from serveral different officers now, that that is the building that is going to go down next. In fact, one officer told me, they're just waiting for that to come down at this point,... that there is no way it is going to be recovered and there is no way that they can stabilize it."

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2010

Ashleigh Banfield 9/11 Coverage: Ashleigh reports secondary explosions

###                                          ~ Posted by Ashleigh Banfield fan.   Link

Ashleigh Pix

Goldie Lox

Goldie Lox

Agent Bernard
Bernie at the pinnacle of his career - shown here on a cool evening in the spring of 2002 with Ashleigh.

On Location

Ashleigh in the Talking Heads Gallery.
Ashleigh in the Talking Heads Gallery

Photo of Ashleigh Banfield taken by Frank Payne

On Fort Campbell with Asan Akbar
On Ft. Campbell with Asan Akbar

Glamour Puss.
Ashleigh the Glamour Puss in "Saving Private Arnett", the movie (special cameo by Aaron Brown and Daryn Kagan)

Ashleigh In Action
Pictures of Ashleigh In Action.

 Ballad of Ashleigh Banfield
The Ballad of Ashleigh Banfield

Smokin' Ashleigh

Ashleigh Commentary

Will Anderson become the next Ashleigh?

Just as 9/11 begat MSNBC anchor Ashleigh Banfield, so did Katrina create Anderson Cooper

Ashleigh welcomes a son

All Dogs Go to Heaven?

A case in point: Ashleigh Banfield

Ashleigh Banfield Remembered

Shameless Self-Promotion

ashleighbanfield.com by Ashleigh herself

Key find: The scoop on Ashleigh Banfield in February 2001
Three weeks before her final broadcast in October 1999, she began wearing glasses. Although she claims she needed them for reading the TelePrompTer, some at the station were suspicious. "The story going around is that when she sent out her résumé tapes, one of the recipients asked, 'How do we know you are a serious journalist?'" relates a source at Fox 4. "Then the glasses appeared."

Whatever happened to Ashleigh Banfield??

Breaking News About Ashleigh Banfield

Cameras then caught the collapse of both of the twin towers, showing white smoke billowing throughout the streets of lower Manhattan. A shaken Ashleigh Banfield reporting on MSNBC described debris showering around.

"Oh, my God," a breathless Banfield said. "It's just unbelievable."

C-SPAN took phone calls from shaken US taxpayers. One caller - standing on the landmass called California - said: "This is a sign to US Taxpayers: We think we have the strongest agents and taxpayers and they hit us; they knew where to hit us."

10/7/2003: Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante was interviewed on an East Los Angeles street corner by MSNBC's Ashleigh Banfield, she of the titanium specs. Banfield suggested that Bustamante was a "celebrity" in his own right within California's Latino community. To the end, the lieutenant governor insisted he had the votes to win. Then he was off to catch a Southwest shuttle--the sign of a candidate who's a populist, and penniless (In case you're curious, Banfield's hair appears to have gone from pre-9/11 blonde and then an Afghan black to a recall mousy brown.)

"Media women are stylish and fashionable -- a very trend-setting group," said Shaye Strager, spokeswoman for the women's clothing store Express (search). "We work with people in these professions and we were inspired by them."

NATO Agrees on Interim Hair Color For Ashleigh Banfield

What You Thought In 2002

A One Kind Of Journalist

The Ballad of Ashleigh Banfield

Former MSNBC host of "A Region In Conflict" and "Ashleigh Banfield: On Location". Currently News Correspondent for NBC, Dateline, and Today. Also, occasional anchor of CNBC News at 8 p.m. Articles, photos, rewards and links.

Best-known as "the girl with the glasses" because of her sexy black specs...

Sept 18, 2001: MSNBC's ASHLEIGH BANFIELD grabbed a cab from her West Side apartment and then ran 30 blocks to report on the massacre. Normally the co-host of MSNBC's "Newsfront," an evening hour-long look at the latest news and popular culture (insert Anderson Cooper link here), Banfield was thrust center stage by her proximity to the massacre. She and a fellow crewmember* were a block and a half away when the second tower collapsed, engulfing them in choking dust and debris. The two escaped by kicking in a glass door to a nearby building lobby, then later emerging to file the first of many reports from the front line.

* Ed. Note - Is this the 'fellow crewmember' whom in the late fall of 2001 or winter of 2002, she announced on-air, that she was engaged to? Later, she then called off the engagement, no?

Ashleigh Banfield To Take The Wienermobile Across America

Ms. TaliBanfield and her engagement

Spencer's Ashleigh Banfield photo for sale

Ashleigh Banfield search terms

Ashleigh Banfield bites the hand

Washguy Founder Challenges Ashleigh Banfield in Traveling Mileage Contest


Ashleigh Banfield: Ballsy Broadcaster

"This war looked like a courageous and terrific endeavor. [It wasn't.]"

Ashleigh Banfield: Featured Articles

Ashleigh Banfield's Career No Longer Seems to Shine as Bright

NBC's Banfield Chided Over Criticisms

Ashleigh Banfield Was Recently Demoted

Ashleigh Banfield Landon Lecture

Banfield's too good for MSNBC

Banfield Lashes Out at Own Network

MSNBC's Banfield: Media filtered realities of war

"When the towers came down, alumna Ashleigh Banfield had a very close call while covering events for
her news organization and witnessed first hand the human dimension of this tragedy."

Embedding Ashleigh

Ashleigh "Banished" Banfield

Reading, Writing, and Blogging - (a reporter with a laptop beats an Ashleigh Banfield with a camera crew every time).

"War Torn: From ground zero to zero ratings - A year in the harried life of Ashleigh Banfield."

Feeling the Conflict

First Cigars, now "I'm smoking a pack of cigarettes a week."

The selling of Ashleigh Banfield

Ashleigh in amiannoyingornot.com

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Spectacle Eyeworks

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Kyra Phillips and other hot
photos of your favorite babes doing their thing.

Daryn Kagan - Raw Sexual Energy - No Glasses Needed

Hot photos of your favorite babes doing their thing.

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Wonkette: Ana Marie Cox
Ana is a Sexy Pundit!
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Ana links: I'm Not Wonkette, Seperated At Birth?
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Ashleigh in glasses

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